hello, i guess

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hmmmm, i have no idea why i came back here to type in stuffs after nearly a year.

it doesn’t feels right actually.


Birthday Week;

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as the title suggest, it’s my birthday early this week. and my dinners starts on sunday with eileen. we went to hog’s breath cafe at chijmes. my first time having meal there and i like the ambience. but i guess it’s a little overpriced since it’s not really that nice. good enough for me, not enough for her. lol. after that was Andersen’s fondue. i treat her for this one since hog’s burned a hole in her wallet. first time tried that also, not too bad. very reasonable price. oh and a piece of oreo cheese cake. home sweet home after that. thanks.

next was a dinner at monday with yande. met at cityhall mrt (he was late for MY birthday btw) then walk to citylink sakae thinking there’s buffet there. but the person told us it was at MARINA SQUAREย  AND suntec. so we walked to MARINA SQUARE only to realise they dont have dinner buffet. what an awesome day. sakae dinner buffet at suntec, sushi is a very common thing we do. nothing special even though he insist that i choose something special. didnt eat alot compared to all my buffet experience. walk all over suntec to buy some food then cab down to some place before cabbing back to my place to slack awhile. thanks. oh and i teared on my actual day! damn.

next was a dinner at wednesday with my poly peeps. never fail to give me a surprise. when i walked in there i saw stupid sean yuen. he claims he came back early from europe for my birthday celebration. but who knows what the real truth is. tired of milan and paris? tired of only being with his mum all the time? lots of possibilities and my birthday is definitely not one. oh he got me a very nice watch from europe. so ate at nyny. people present are ham xiuhuan michelle pauline minhui sean yuen and benjamin. supposed to be present are XIYANG and torrance. stupid xiyang scared strangers. lol. home sweet home (after i got camera from weixiong) after that with yanying. saw her at mrt station. thanks.

next was a dinner on friday at yanying’s place. even though it’s not really for my birthday but i guess everyone had a pretty clear idea. had steamboat and many thanks to xiongwei’s and yanying’s mum for preparing and buying the food. this one eat until super full, refused to stop actually. lol. watch abit of movie then had to go off already since the next day got work. many thanks.

zichao says he want to treat me eat also. when i dont know. but it’s not like if it’s not my birthday he never treat me eat, so i’ll try to pay also! lol.

then there’s graduation ceremony on thursday. nothing much about that, finally graduated! 3 years of awesomeness! and i’ll miss it alot, alot, alot.

i pushed away birthday cakes and celebrations this year. this is because of you, my dear friend. last year, 2009, was a great year for me. i had awesome celebration by you guys. bottle tree park, a place i always wanted to go and i didnt even mention. a cake baked at your place by a few. it was the best i ever had. and i dont want any type of celebrations to surpass that. and sad to say, it was the last birthday celebration you had with us. and i really wish you were here with us this year too, i really miss you alot.

and of course the pleasant surprise my poly clique gave me at my place last year. really appreciate alot.


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I don’t know what I want.

I don’t know what you want.

I don’t know what everyone wants.

I’m unhappy.

I’m upset.

I’m everything but feeling happy.

I don’t know why I’m unhappy.

I don’t know why I’m upset.

So, don’t bother to ask me.

I’ve received a call from a disgusting member of NTUC today. She’s only 30plus in age but the way she talks and the stuffs she DEMAND for is just like 50plus aunties. Seriously lady, please do something about it. You are the most disgusting CREATURE I’ve ever met or talked to. I don’t wish to talk to you again and I would appreciate if you don’t call NTUC membership hotline ever again. Is there anything else I can assist you with? Thank you for calling NTUC customer service, may you have a fucked up day eternity I mean, and wish you would never call again. Goodbye and go fuck yourself.

Sigh, I’m so glad most Singaporeans are not like that. Yes, please do not stereotype.

Been rather gloomy these few days. Work? I’m not sure. Maybe. There’s a dinner with my cousin(?) tomorrow and it’s something I can really look forward to. If not, my day would sucks. I know I overstressed myself, my job scope is not difficult. Answer calls from member and then answer their inquiries with accurate answers. Confusing systems are one of the things I find it so dumb. Shall not elaborate on that.

the host;

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i kinda miss the times when i was reading the twilight series – introduced by miss eileen chin – and not many people knows about it. Stephenie Meyer might still be the best selling author with just the book. but boom, out came rob pattinson. seriously, when i first read the book, i practically took it everywhere i go, in just three days, i finished twilight. and i know that no one bothers to know what i’m reading because the cover is not very appealing and all. i knew there will be a movie, but the cast were not yet released. i think when i moved on to the second book i happened to see the trailer. it. was. kinda. disappointing i guess. lol. but yea, that’s not important.

is a good book necessary to be a motion picture with dreamy male lead(s) (and muscular with the addition of taylor) in order to make it even more successful? sometimes i hope that the series will not even became a movie. yep, that’s my selfish wish. and so, i have finished reading Stephenie Meyer – The host. and it also took me 3 days. i would say, it caught me by surprise by how interesting this book can be. aliens, it can’t be good. and that was my initial thoughts. and now, it’s a good book and everyone should read it. (:

and speaking of that, the host will hit the big screen also. maybe the end of 2010 or during 2011. and i think the whole cycle will repeat itself. once the male lead, jared and ian, showed up in their celebs form, all the girls will head down to their nearest book store and grab it. and then you will see that book appearing itself everywhere.

and since i have finished that, i will be on another mission to look for more books. and it is always a headache. google for books. paranormal romance if possible, my kind of genre. i always rely on recommendations – miss eileen chin’s that is. she recommend me the last song by nicholas sparks. i keep wanting to read his books, but then this book will be a motion picture starring miley cyrus. so when i read this book, the female lead will automatically be miley. which is not exactly why i read books. i need more space for imagination i supposed.

someday i hope my shelves will be filled with novels. (:

need you now;

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it’s super late now i know. i’m just waiting for me to get soooooo tired that when i lie on my bed i would fall asleep almost immediately. that doesn’t happen alot to me. but happen most would be insomnia. i just had one the other day and it’s scary like hell. i mean, who likes insomnia. so during this 3 to 4 hours of hell, i thought about alot of things. things i’m both proud and not proud of. and once again, i’m not making any sense here.

so, holidays started. and i still haven’t receive any kind of approval from MOE, i think i might call them later when i wake up. but even so, i went to my alma mater and xin min primary to just leave my particulars just in case they need a relief teacher. i seriously hope that i would get that job, instead of stuck in a office for months or even going back to retail or F&B line. i can see myself teaching, and i would love to teach. i just need that chance.

i MIGHT be going to punggol primary to leave my name to get another shot before i will head down to CMPB, again, just to take a stupid form so i don’t have to pay for my next appointment at SGH. seriously, blame it on my stupidity. heck. it’s so god damn far so i better remember to bring my ear piece and book. and speaking of book, i hope to buy another one tomorrow though i haven’t finish reading my current one. just in case.

so this two weeks have been kind of simple? went to club with dennison, xiyang, zhuowei, matthew and george. made new friends(?) there. i would say, it’s the best clubbing experience i ever had. but then again, it might even be the worst. it’s kind of a mixed. because i felt real bad after the whole session. i rather not talk about that now. so besides trying to havoc, i have had mahjong session with dennison, kenneth and kelvin. lost but it’s a fee paid for entertainment. (: i had simple talk at eileen’s place. it’s been long since we’ve talked throughout the night. and it indeed feels good. sharing thoughts and opinions. and went kbox with eileen and lileen. it’s cheap with excellent company. 7hours flew past just like that. supper and chat till around 4.30am.

have been very late often and i should avoid doing that. bye world!

tonight i wanna cry;

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have been listening to this song quite a bit. hope everyone likes it too. (:

it’s been pretty long since i last post anything here. been very busy trying to finish projects before due dates and then have to prepare for my 2 main papers. seriously, i wasted a lot of my time during the study week. for the previous semester, i only had one paper. but then i spend most of the time revising that, but in the end i still got a C. maybe i gave up hope?

but anyway, the two papers are not THAT difficult. but for me who did not study much, it might caused a little problem for me. that aside, now that exams are over, it’s the holidays now! till the day i will be enlisted to NS (which is something i hope it will never come).

been watching a few shows. i will be able to watch how i met your mother tonight! and i resumed watching The Vampire Diaries. i have no idea why i stopped the other time but it’s getting more and more exciting! ๐Ÿ™‚ there’s another show that i have started watching. Glee. heard of that before? i simply love that show! maybe it’s my genre because it had something to do with music! it’s something-but-not-exactly like High School Musical. HSM can sing and dance for no particular reason but this show, because they’re in a show choir that makes them sing and dance alot. ๐Ÿ™‚ have been rewatching a few episodes here and there! have to wait till april till the 2nd part of season one comes out!

and i need a job real soon! it’s only the 2nd day of holiday and i’m feeling bored! i sent my application to MOE before my papers started. until now i think it has been 2 weeks already but i haven’t received any approval. and without that approval, i can’t do shit. and i don’t really feel like finding a office job. ugh.


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okay i shall do a quick post. 1.30am and i have a 9am lesson later! great.

anyway today while having dinner at macs with sean and ham, some stuffs past my mind. stuffs that i havent thought about since i dont know when.

and those stuffs.. the time when im working at cosmopolitan. which now is somehow called cosmo bistro. anyway i went there to work at december after my o’s and i figured i need to start working instead of lazing around. leongcheng aka chris and kemund introduced me there actually. they went for interview one day before me. and me going interview was a very very last minute decision. so i was in a converse basketball shorts and one normal tshirt which i believed its still inside my wardrobe, hidden.

i got through anyway. the first 4 days of work is hell. seriously. standing for like 12hours straight is not funny at all. felt like quitting but i didnt. pulled through for 3months before i really cant take it anymore (its due to the new manager btw). and im so glad that i didnt quit just then. if i did i wouldnt have know great people like ebenezer, eugene, pearl, firdaus, michelle (philippines). and i believe there’s still a few others. but im just stating out the ones that im pretty close to.

and sad to say, the ones that im still contacting is ebenezer and eugene. hehe. nah, they’re still great people. but yea, just wanna share the thoughts of me missing working at cosmo (though it was that evil place that caused my face!). working from 6pm to 2am or 3am almost everyday. eating chicken wings as one of the side dishes EVERY dinner. hearing gossips from alot of people. drinking alcohol. eating deep fried chicken wings (its damn nice i swear). endless wedges (it was only then i know its call WEDGES instead of pronouncing it as WAGES). lol.

i think the working day i remembered the most is working from 6pm to 2/3am for one of the days, and then 10am to 3am the next day! it was damn hiong, but then its also very fun. if i didnt remember wrongly, eugene was going through this thing with me.

we celebrated new year’s countdown. played with the spray cans like nobody’s business. wasnt supposed to spray at customers, but we did anyway. it was caused they did that first. hehe.

there’s actually quite alot of firsts. the first time i wore leather shoe. the first time i know perrier exists. the first time im exposed to alot of different kind of alcohols like wine and cocktails. the first time i’ve learned that carlsberg is from denmark. the first time i’ve tried marinara (or marirana, thats what the mensa auntie calls it). the first time i’ve known friends outside NVSS (sort of). the first ACTUAL job that i had (CPF is included thats why). the first time i made a 4 layers latte (it’s not easy if you guys didnt know). the first time i’ve learned that in F&B, everything is dirty.

thats about it. a proper post with proper thoughts. better hit the sack now! ciao!

P.S i’ve been watching alot of gossip girl. its actually damn awesome. i just finished season 2. contemplating if i should start season 3 anytime soon! ๐Ÿ™‚